Louis Vuitton is selling £1,700 dumbells and other fitness equipment

Louis Vuitton is selling £1,700 dumbells and other fitness equipment

With everyone locked down at home, there was a bit of a rush on fitness equipment so people could keep up their regime without going to the gym. And it seems people are willing to splash out for them as dumbells by designer brand Louis Vuitton costing £1,730 have sold out in the UK. The dumbells are part of a new fitness range by the French fashion house. They weigh six pounds so not exactly heavy if that’s what you want.


The description on the website says: ‘These Dumbbells have a striking aesthetic and sporty appeal. ‘They are an ideal gift for those who wish to exercise in style or elevate their home gym with exclusive Louis Vuitton details.


‘Each weight, made from lustrous metal, is finished with an eye-catching Monogram Eclipse canvas handle and House signature engravings.’ Other items include skipping rope will set you back £425, but it is also sold out right now. The items that are still in stock include a volleyball costs £1,730 and a ping pong set with two bats and hour balls in a case, costs £1,450.

The site suggests taking the volleyball to the beach but in the current lockdown climate, that’s not really an option, so instead, they suggest you ‘simply adorn a wall with this irreverent design’.